Mr. Anant Zende (Origin and Founder of VSS)

Anant Zende

Mr. Anant Zende, who founded VSS, was an ordinary person driven by an extraordinary dream - the dream that child would be deprived of rights as basic as survival, participation, protection and development.

All through the early, difficult years, it was Anant passion and conviction that drove VSS. He was firmly convinced that each of us can, in our own small way, be agents of change, and when enough of us are moved to this, the impact is a lasting change for the better. All he asked of people was that they help VSS by doing what they were good at. As he put it, "What I can do, I must do.

With the Inspiration from Snehalaya he started Vidhyarthi Sahhayak Samiti At Shrigonda in Ahmednagar District. Shrigonda is a rural place in Ahmednagar.Anant working as an ordinary peon in a rural school worked hard to establish his dream project

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