The aim of this project is to encourage reading, both in English, Hindi, and Marathi by providing access to newspapers, magazines and books. It has also been equipped with a DVD player and TV to provide facilities for Audio-visual Aids. Children in rural areas, have little or very limited scope for constructive recreational activities. So, through library they can use their free time usefully and develop reading as a hobby. Apart from school children. Currently, we have collected over 400 books (for all age groups) and subscriptions for 8 magazines as donations.. We also have a collection of educational CDs for all age groups. Presently, the books are not lent out, all the villagers can come to the library and use it free of cost.

Computer Education

VSS started one of the key module of education .we have well equipped computer lab which is received through Volunteers. We provide the basic computer training for the children. Including M. S. Word, M. S. Office, Power point, M.S paint ect. We have special corporate trainers for the same. There are educational games, made available for children between 10 yrs. to 14 yrs.In additions to this we provide the basic hardware and software knowledge. We took this class every weekend for 2 hours with the help of corporate trainers.


Balbhavan, a unique model of social change is a very successful project, primarily focused on providing education and improving health conditions of the children living in the slums, in and around Shrigonda and nearest village and talukas. VSS runs Bal-Bhawan in community halls of slums in (Address) . Activities

such as playgroup education, tuitions, health check-up camps, creating awareness about communal harmony, good health, cleanliness, consequences of bad habits are conducted at the Bal Bhawans by VSS. Almost 50 children are receiving primary education in this way. Bal Bhavans help children develop their oratory and reading skills, computer knowledge, ‘drawing, music, dance and craft. 


The teachers take special efforts to help build respect for identity, mental well being and personality development This enabling educational environment is provided through creative audio visual educational material, guidance through voluntary guest teachers.