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There are millions of children across the world who do not have enough food to eat every day, who do not attend school, live in slums or on the streets, suffer from untreated diseases, are abused and mistreated, never get the opportunities we take for granted and often die early. There are Children’s coming from outside villages. Mostly these children’s have living with illiterate family background; also there is limited scope of quality education and lack of opportunity.

Spend Time with us

You can join VSS mailing list by clicking Join Us. We will keep you updated about all the activities we plan at VSS. You can be a part of our meetings and can contribute by involving with us in discussions and giving your valuable inputs.

Spread the Word

Well, if you think that time is something which you lacks the most for doing a social work then this is the option for you. Please spread the word by Inviting your friends. Tell people about VSS site or give our contact details. You never know when you tell someone, he might be the neediest person on this Earth for the same. You can use social networking sites like facebook and Twitter etc

Sponsor A Child’s Education

There are many children who are below poverty line and getting their primary education from slum schools. Few of these children are bright and deserves better. You can sponsor a child’s education and shape up his career. if you are willing to sponsor a child’s education. It is not mandatory to commit for the full life education. You can continue as long as you are comfortable. We will provide you the details of child sponsor if wants.

You may support them by choosing any of the sections you would like to

  • Study material (school bags, note books, stationery, compass boxes, drawing books and colors, Sketches etc.)
  • Library (educational CDs, audio cassettes and charts, story books, dictionaries, books on facts, books for general knowledge, toys etc.)
  • Electronic appliances for BeT (Desktop PC, Laptop, printer, scanner, camera, handy cam, TV, V-CD /DVD player, audio cassette player, UPS system etc.)
  • Fabric or dress material (for their local dress, night dress, scarves, innerwear etc.)
  • Accessories (blankets, mattresses, bed sheets and spreads, pillow covers, linen, winter care lotion, wrist watches, shoes, flip-flops, etc.)
  • Milk and dairy products (health drinks, milk products, biscuits etc.)
  • Furniture for BeT (cupboards, chairs, room heaters, tables, desks, ceiling fans etc.)
  • Solar Equipment (cookers, heaters etc.)
  • Transport (Two-wheeler, four-wheeler, van etc.)
  • Medical kit (first-aid kits, medicines, antiseptic liquid etc.)
  • Sports Equipment
  • Toiletries (Talc powder, soap bars, shampoos, hair oil, detergents, cold creams, sanitary napkins etc.)


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