What We Do

Attending to the children’s most basic needs constitutes a vital component of VSS work.

Our objectives go far beyond providing meagre, subsistence level support to our children.

Our mission is to transform the lives of children, provide them the ability to dream big, and the tools to make them true.

Once a child’s material needs are satisfied, comprehensive rehabilitation requires that we restore a safe and secure childhood to the child. Giving children happiness, security, and a sense of belonging is as much a priority as their academic and professional development. This assumes more significance considering the fact our children hail from highly vulnerable backgrounds.


VSS lays great emphasis on providing a very healthy diet to the children. We believe that Healthful food builds children who think more clearly.


The utility of clothing goes far beyond its importance as protection from extreme weather conditions.


We will to redevelop an old Wada that will serve home for poor children in need of place to stay.The Wada consists of 6 rooms.


At VSS, we provide access to quality education – inside and outside school. Education is not limited to schooling, passing examinations and jumping to higher grades. We impart discipline, soft skills, lessons from life experiences, and spiritual education.

Health Care

For ordinary ailments and emergency, we send the children to general physicians in the neighbourhood and the consultation is free. Prescription medicines are bought from a nearby medical shop. From time to time, we have medical camps – general; dental and eye.